Panamanians Living in Western Japan

All Panamanian citizens residing in western Japan must register themselves at our
Office. This registration will facilitate the task of our office when some assistance is
required in particular for the following tasks:

  • Renewal of passports.
  • Notification to relatives in Panama in case of an emergency.
How to register?
  1. Print the following registration Form.
  2. Fill up the form and attach the photo and the photocopy of the Panamanian I.D. Card and Passport
  3. Bring it personally to the Consulate or send it by email to the following email:

Birth Registration of a Panamanian within Western Japan.

Any Panamanian born within the consular circuit of the Consulate General of the Republic of Panama in Kobe, Japan (Fukui, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu) should apply for its registration as a panamanian at our Electoral Tribunal by means of the folliwng requirements:

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate, issued by the City Registry Office and with an Apostille sea from MOFA.
  2. Spanish Translation of the Birth Certificate and Apostille by a certified public translator (The Consulate will need to Authenticate the translation).
  3. Declaration of the parent, sworn statement from the parent stating that he/she is the biological parent and also that the registration is not based on an adoption process (sample of the letter will be provided by our Consular office). This document needs to be signed in the presence of the Consul General and authenticated by the Consulate.
  4. Letter stating the full name in which the minor will be registered in the Panamanian Electoral Tribunal (the letter needs to be signed in the presence of the Consul General).
  5. Declaration of the parent’s place of residence in Panama, this document shall be issued by the “corregidor” office at the parent’s district of residence in Panama.
  6. Submit the original of both parent’s Passports.
  7. Submit the Panamanian I.D. (cedula) of the Panamanian parent.

After the completion of the above mentioned documents, the birth registration process may be carried out by either parent or grandparent in Panama without the need for
any authorization.

If the registration is requested by a legal representative, a power of attorney and an application must be submitted (The Consulate will need to Authenticate the power of
attorney only).

For more detailed information about the above-mentioned process please send an email to:

You may also visit:

Marriage registration

Any marriage done within any prefecture of Western Japan may be registered in Panama by the husband or wife, or the couple’s parents after fulfilling with the following requirements:

  • Original Marriage Certificate, issued by the City office with its Apostille seal.
  • Spanish Translation of the Marriage Certificate (The translation must be done by a public translator registered in Panama and the Apostille seal, if used, shall also be translated).
  • 2 copies of the Panamanian Cedula or Passport of the Panamanian national, 2 passport copies of the foreigner applicant. (if applicable)

For more detailed information about the above-mentioned process please send an email to:

Death Registration

Any death of a Panamanian citizen within our consular circuit, may be registered by the husband, wife, father, children or any other close relative of the deceased in Panama.

For more information about the necessary requirements and procedures please visit the following website:

Servicios – Tribunal Electoral (

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The Panama Canal

On behalf of our country, we are pleased to Welcome you to the Website of The Consulate of Panama, in Kobe Japan.

It is an honor to serve as Consul General of this office which has its consular jurisdiction over the Fukui, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu regions.

We are located in the second metropolitan region of Japan and in one of the largest shipping centers of the world. Furthermore, we supervise and work together as a team with the office of the Panama Maritime Authority located in the city of Imabari, which is a sister city of Panama city.

Our office essentially provides Maritime and Consular Services along with the promotion of the Panamanian culture and the enhancement of the trade and academic relationships between Panama and the people, companies and institutions of western Japan.

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