Panama offices in Kobe lmabari, invited 26 women working for shipping companies in western Japan in commemoration of the International Women’s Day

The Consulate-General of Panama in Kobe and the Maritime Agency’s Segmar lmabari Office invited 26 women working at shipping companies in western Japan to a luncheon on March 10 at lmabari Kokusai Hotel in commemoration of International Women’s Day (March 8 ).

At the beginning, Ayumi Kakiuchi of lmabari City Hall gave a greeting, praising the 120 years of friendship between Japan and Panama and the 46-year relationship between lmabari and Panama city. In addition, at this year’s Bari-Ship, she said that she will hold factory tours for university and high school students to appeal the future of the shipping industry where women can play an active role.

Mrs. Yazim Valles (Engineer) of Segumar lmabari Office shared some facts and data about women in the shipping industry, including the SDGs Goal 5 “Gender Equality”. The maritime officer talked about how to make it happen. Focusing on the success of Japanese women in the male-dominated shipping industry, Ms. Valles showed that women are also capable of achieving success within the shipping industry, although full equality has not yet been reached.

Mrs. Kazue Izumi of the Consulate General of Panama in Kobe pledges to take pride and confidence in her diverse work and made a toast for the occasion.

Finally, Consul General Victor J. Almengor C of the Consulate General of Panama in Kobe, gave a speech addressing the need to empower women around the world. He further said that the lunch is a small token of gratitude from Panama to the women working in the shipping industry in Japan for their support in keeping the bonds of friendship between our two countries, and with their ports.

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