Panama and the city of Kobe

The relationship between the Republic of Panama and the city of Kobe dates back from 1919 when the Panamanian Government extended the jurisdiction of the Honorary Consulate of Panama in Yokohama to the city of Kobe by the Decree No 44 of 1919.
In 1931 the Republic of Panama appointed a consul in Yokohama and included within his consular district the city of Kobe.
Later the National Government established a new Honorary Consulate in Osaka to which the jurisdiction of the City of Kobe was included (Decree No 17 of 1935).

In 1956 the Panamanian National Assembly enacted the Law No 40 in order to formaly authorize six (6) Consular offices (including the Consular office in Kobe) to serve as a subsidiary registry office for all ownership titles of vessels.

For decades, the Panamanian Consular office in Kobe provided ship registration and maritime services for the shipping community and financial entities of western japan.

The Panama Consular office in Kobe served from different locations including the house located at the Kitano area until 1979 (today’s TrickArt Museum).

In 2011 after the earthquake in eastern Japan, the Panamanian Embassy temporarily moved its operations to Kobe to evacuate nationals residing in the affected areas. The same situation occurred during the great Kanto earthquake of 1923, when the Panamanian delegation, then located in Yokohama, also moved its operation to Kobe due to extensive damage in Tokyo and Yokohama. On both occasions, the city of Kobe extended its great hospitality and supported the Panamanian missions

In 2017 a joint celebration was held in Kobe for purpose of celebrating 150th years of anniversary the Port of Kobe and 100th years of the Panamanian ship registry.

In many of the previous mentioned legislations, the Government of Panama recognized the importance of Kobe city as a port and maritime city.

Since 2022, the ports of Panama and Kobe entered into a cooperative agreement by virtue of a MOU signed between the Ports and Harbor Bureau of the Kobe City Government and the General Directorate of Ports of the Panama Maritime Authority which aims to promote the development of shipping routes between Panama and Kobe.

Sister City agreement with Imabari city, Ehime Prefecture.

Partnered on March 2, 1977 (Showa 52).

On June 19, 1976 (Showa 51), the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to Japan visited western Japan to inspect the shipbuilding and shipping industries, and when he paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Imabari, both parties talked about the sister city relationship between Panama City and Imabari City.
By virtue of the Resolution No 9 of February 1, 1977, the Panama City Council approved the agreement of sisterhood with Imabari City.
Following this, the Governor of the Province of Panama visited Imabari on behalf of the Mayor of the city of Panama. in February 1977 (Showa 52) and the partnership agreement entered into force with the approval of Imabari city on March 2, 1977.
Historically, a large number of vessels registered in the Panamanian merchant marine has been built in Imabari.
Through the years, both cities have been exchanging visits as well as celebrating cultural and social activities, besides the important maritime relationship.

Examples Of These Cultural Activities Are:

  • Towel and children painting sent to Panama City by students of Imabari city.
  • A concert session of Mrs. Patricia Vlieg, a Panamanian singer, which took place in Imabari City Central Community Center Culture Hall on May 26, 2019.
  • A tree-planting ceremony held at Shimanami Earthland park in December 2021 to commemorate the anniversary of sister cities.
  • The participation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama at the Cycling Shimanami circuit in October 2022.
  • The participation of the Republic of Panama at the Bari Ship 2023 exhibition held in Textport Imabari.

Panama and Osaka Prefecture.

The history of Panama and Osaka Prefecture dates to 1935 when the Panamanian National Government established an Honorary Consular office in Osaka (Decree No 17 of 1935).

Panama formally participated in the 1970 Expo which was held in Suita, Osaka between March and September of that year.

As a result of the participation of Panama at this Expo many japanese firms started to locate their regional Latinamerican offices in Panama starting from 1976.

By the year 2018, the Osaka Prefecture was integrated into the consular circuit of the Consulate General of Panama in Kobe.

The Republic of Panama has confirmed its participation at the upcoming Osaka World Expo 2025 by means of a formal communication issued by the Panamanian Government in september 2022.

In March 2023, a delegation from the Osaka Prefecture headed by Mr. Seigo Tanaka, Vice Governor of Osaka along visited the Republic of Panama for purpose of signing a Port Partnership agreement between the Ports of Osaka and the Ports of Panama.This Port agreement was signed on March 22, 2023 in a ceremony held at the main building of the Panama Maritime Authority located in Panama City.

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