Courtesy Visit to the Mayor of the city of Kobe.

On February 14, 2024, H.E. Carlos Pere, Ambassador of Panama in Japan and Mr. Victor Almengor, Consul General of Panama in Kobe, Japan paid a courtesy visit to the Mayor of the city of Kobe, Mr. Kizo Hisamoto.

During the meeting, Ambassador Pere expressed his appreciation for the support of the city of Kobe in strengthening the friendship between Panama and Kobe, particularly with the cultural exhibition made last November at the city Hall and with the signing of a Port Affiliation MOU between the Panama Maritime Authority and the Port and Harbor Bureau of the Kobe city government.

Mayor Hisamoto highlighted the importance of Panama to Japan and specially to the city of Kobe as having a consular office for more than 65 years in the city.

Furthermore, Consul General Almengor reassured to the Mayor and his staff that Panama is preparing itself to participate at the Osaka Expo in 2025 and that the participation of Panama includes a broader strategy of activities which definitely will include the city of Kobe as a part of Kansai.

At the end of the meeting both parties agreed to further implement the Port Affiliation MOU as a part of the Panamanian maritime strategy in Japan, in order to develop the maritime relationship between Kobe and Panama.

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The Panama Canal

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